Momanyi Samuel

Illustrator, developer, artist and designer




First id like to say thank you to Tardas, For this class. Its really inspiring and it simplifies alot of things that i thought were so complicated and am enjoying the lessons so much.

I chose the word "BE" for my brand because for me its used to indicate identity and it also has so many possibilities BE- lieve, BE- come, BE- long etc...

This is my first sketch as i watch and learn the process.


So my logo idea after much consideration would work so well with maybe a community youth center, offering various skill courses or just encouraging the young.

so these are my sketch ideas for that 

so am going to upload my final sketch because i feel this direction is a good one to take. I tried to use a brush pen and also i tried to use and actual brush because am abit limited with materials i guess these will have to do.

I wasnt really happy with how my sketches always came out and i really took alot of time to practice how to do the lettering right. 

So i liked this result and i put into photoshop and edited it 

and from this am currently doing a final illustrator vector am getting close but i wanted to post what i was doing so that maybe i could atleast get some critique


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