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BART Flipped

I chose to pick my four photos from a project I did. I actually practiced taking similiar shots as trashand had instructed us too, which was a nice surprise.

In the Bay Area, we have a transit system called BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). I photographed each station (44 stations) during the day, and at night. Here are my 4 photo submissions from 24th & Mission.

Candid Portrait

This guy was extremly fun, and full of life. I literally sat and watched him play, then after I felt like I connected with him, I took his portrait. He was so zoned into playing his music, he payed me no attention. Which was nice.


Being underground it was semi easy to get some motion blur. I wanted to time it so that my main subject would be at the start of the train. I like how the blur is extreme, while he stands so still. Thank you sir!

Look Up

I'll admit, this is barely a lookup in the context of this class. In my defense, I was at the bottom of the stairs, looking up and captured this scene. I personally love the relationship of people and stairs at the stations.

Night Shot

I mean the different forms of the people as the train is zooming by, that is what gets me. The scene is nice as well.


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