BANK ROBBER / HYENA GIRL (Creating Full Color Digital Illustrations)


Here's another approach using less saturation and altering my background. 


Here's a couple more color options as well as some added contrast.


Here's some progress on my hyena girl. I really wanted to stay away from making it seem too digital so I pretty much left the drawing alone. I boosted up the contrast and brought in some textures I made at home. During this process I thought about making it seem victorian and was heavily inspired by the amazing tattoo artist Scott Campbell's (saved tattoo) body of work.

I plan on printing it, covering it with a varnish and erasing the file forever. 

Here's the final sketch scanned into the computer.

Now onto color. 

Here's a picture I snapped of my progress. I should be scanning/photographing the final version this week.

I'm pretty excited on how the drawing came out! Can't wait to digitize it!

Hey Everyone,

I'm Scotty and I'm so excited to meet all of you.

For this class I chose to focus on a group of hyena handelers from Abuja, Nigeria.


Myths surround these groups as bank robbers, bodyguards, drug dealers, debt collectors but the paticular group I'm focusing on are performers using animals to entertain crowds to sell traditional medicine.

They are practising a tradition passed down from generation to generation. The images to me are both beautiful and disturbing. I hope to create an image that captures both sides of the table.

Here's a 90 Second Sketch

( I also want to concentrate on the girls hand in the image as well )

Almost as if she's reaching to pet the animal.

Second Sketch 

After putting more thought into the realtionship between the handlers and the animal I wanted to show both affection and cruelty. As you can see I want to focus on the muzzle but use the gentle hands to hold the animal. The spots on the fur will direct the flow of the piece and blend into the muzzle and hands ultimately forming a spiral.

Another idea is to incorporate the clothes of the handlers. I may want to have them hanging from the design for color purposes, texture and to illustrate the rugged lifestyle. 

I also plan to pay tribute to Leonardo da Vinci's "Study of Hands" in this piece. 

Third Sketch 

After spending a day looking at the face I decided to show more emotion.  This is the beginning of what will soon be my final compostition. I also plan to use the girls hand to gently hold the face of the hyena. 

Here's the beginning of merging of both sketch #2 & #3 together. 

If anyone is interested, I've been hammering away at this piece for a couple weeks now and should have it photographed/scanned very soon.


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