BALD MAMA | Skillshare Projects

Teri Bernardo

Designer x Illustrator




an honor to witness that video. 

I enrolled right away. It's Patrick Brown. The PATRICK BROWN.

Moving forward~ 


I'm a disney and pixar drawing style kind of guy.

But from head to bust only. I dreamt of learning this action drawings nicely

So far here's what I've learned.


I used nude references here. After drawing fast sketch of poses, I picked which pose i will use for my imaginary villain. 


I always do cute stuffs, i tried my best thinking what villainous character i will draw.

Here's my attempt: 

BALD MAMA!. still cute?. well anyway! spitballing idea - i imagined her as a commontype hiphop dancer, from being a typical college student, one day a groupie leader got interested in her and made her felt like the only girl in the world, sexual affair happened to them. Turns out she was just a part of a game, a deal, a bet from another girl, the most beautiful student in the campus. Crushed, then..blah blah blah.. :D BALD MAMA came... MOVING ON~

Here's my output


Wishing to hear feedbacks from you masters!

Thank you for viewing. I'll my best checking yours too. Cheers



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