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Taylor Stover

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Awesome class! I was going to do something closer to the hand-lettered style but I saw a great opportunity to apply what I learned from this video to a project I already had going on. This is a logo design I'm doing for a my own side project band called "BAD KID". We don't have any music out yet, but we needed some type of brand to run with while we go through the process of recording. 

I had a pretty clear Idea of what I wanted already (and since this is an idea for a band name I've had for about a year now, I don't have all the iterations of the different logo ideas anymore). We're an Indie-Rock band (emphasis on the rock) so I wanted the logo to be somewhat edgy but also mature and stylistic. That's mostly why I'm not using any lowercase letters. I also wanted to incorperate something that could go along with "Bad Kid" and I thought of some sort of destructive object (slingshot, hammer, dagger) but I ended up choosing an arrown because it fit well with the "I"... so I came up with these:


After taking it into Illustrator to vectorize it, I chose not to image trace it because I really wasn't happy enough with the design. So I placed the image, turned down the opacity and used it as a template.

And because of the customized serifs I needed, I chose to use the pen tool to outline the each letter instead of use the one line as the letter form. It also freed me up to make the outlines as imperfect and organic as I needed it. (unfortunately that just takes longer.) 


I also played around with the placement of the "I" to interact with the "A", and the feathers weren't looking good so I used triangles instead. I'm really happy with the way those two letters compliment eachother and create the arrow I wanted. 


I then took it into Photoshop and created textures with a couple different brush types and came up with a final product. But I think what Nicolas says in the Critique video has a lot of merit, so I printed it out and took about 10 minutes away from it and I noticed it wasn't quite centered enough and didn't have anough texture on the outside:


After making the final changes to the design, I came up with this:


I learned a lot from this video, and really enjoyed this project! And I'd love any and all constructive criticism!



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