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BAD COP BAD COP - urbane street wear

We are an independent company called Bad Cop Bad Cop. We love T-shirts.

We have built up a small following but we are now looking to expand and grow as a brand.

Urbane street wear means a polished, contemporary and slick clothing brand aimed at the city dweller.      Not just the skater generation but the modern individual who whats to wear and be heard. A sleek street brand which already has a growing cult following among writers, skaters and musicians.

Our designs attract people from all walks of life but who all share the same desire to look distinguished and modern.

We use bold, graphically strong images that stand out. We believe less is more so we rarely use more than one colour ink on a tee. 

The logo itself, is slightly tongue in cheek. It is our way of representing the sophisticated urbane with the gritty street. A style that we feel is unique to the brand and in our tee's.

Cheers for reading, we look forward to some feedback...!



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