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B.O.B.'s Brewery

Some our individual beer brands.  Need to tie it all together!

B.O.B.’s Brewery
A craft brewery located within The B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapid’s , Michigan.

A Renaissance Is Brewing ( our current tag line )
Craft Your Own Opinion
Craft Your Own Palate
A Return To Caft

Creativity, Tradition, Frivolity, Pop Culture

Whimsical, Confident, Sarcastic

Grass Roots, Social Media, Traditional Print

College Educated Males And Females, Ages 24 – 38.

My research indicates that the majority of craft beer drinkers are college educated,
thirty-something males, who display an interest in sports, culture and technology.
Statistic also indicate that women comprise a higher percentage of craft beer drinkers
than that of domestic beer drinkers.  Other sources have isolated Millennials as the
largest growing segment of craft beer drinkers.

We do not have a budget for liscensing music.
In the spirit of the project, I’ve identified a few tracks, which I believe
display some of the characteristics attributed to the desired tone of voice.


Final Presentation ( Thus Far )

Brand: B.O.B.’S Brewery

Tag Line: A Renaissance Is Brewing

Branding Statement:

Experience a dedication to creativity; a flair for complex flavors; a return to craft. A Renaissance is brewing at B.O.B.’s Brewery, where this month’s exotic, small batch brew may become next year’s most anticipated seasonal offering. There is the potential for magic every time brewmaster, John, steps behind the glass. We like taking risks ( and understand that mistakes pave the road to real genius ).  We create from a palette of fresh ingredients, expert craftsmanship, and bold ideas.  You may not like all of our beers, but you’re going to like some of them a lot.  So craft your own palate and take your time.  See, here at B.O.B.’s Brewery, we don’t have to serve the entire world.  We only have to serve one glass of beer at a time.


The following a the link to a rough video I uploaded to our webserver, which includes music and images I feel echo the tone of voice conveyed in the branding statement.  Obviously, I would have prefered to have access to live video, voice over opposed to text, and edited audio. But alas, this is the best I could scrape together...

Small File (.m4v):

Larger File (.mov):

Thank you


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