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B.NOW - Business for Sale Marketplace in Brazil

In Brazil how do you find a business opportunity today?

Newspaper?! Network?! Friends?! This is all OLD FASHION ways...!

In a Google Search (click to view) for brazilians platforms to buy and sell business (compra e venda de empresas) there isnt GOOD website options that allows you to put an AD to sell a business. NO PLAYERS at this market!

Google Search - Compra e Venda de Empresas (Buy and Sell a Business)


B.Now is the number one marketplace for businesses.

B.Now receives visits from individuals looking for new business opportunities and from business owners looking to sell their business. We provide you the best opportunity to find or sell your business. B.Now has listings for everything from cheap, small home-based businesses to large established businesses for sale.


Bellow some project screenshots


Business Search Tool for brokers, investors and business owners.

Home Page


Results specified by business category, location, price value and many other options! Pictures and business details.

Search Results


Pictures, price, profit, revenues and other important infos to decide your investment. Contatc directly the business owner.

AD Page


How would we make money?!

Chargind for the ads and later, when we have a big data info about companies in Brazil, sell the acess to any company that would be interesting in contacting specific companies of a sector to make marketing campaings. We would have a BIG direct marketing database tool!

Are you interested?!

You are very welcome to help us to build this site (programing, investing, giving tips or any kind of help).

Who we are?!

I'm Augusto Moser, from Brazil, not a programing specialist... my BA is in Advertising and Marketing. I got a partner from programing area, Leonardo Luzzatto who is trying to help me, but he works at Cryo Technologies ( FULL TIME and I at Grupo Singel (

Facebook contact:

Augusto Moser -

Leonardo Luzzatto -

So... I want to learn some basics about HTML & CSS programing to build this project!

Take care! Hope to hear you seen!


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