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Ayu Arrival

This will be a poster about the birth of my daughter, due in one month's time.  Not exactly rock n roll, but this event has an (estimated) date, place, and subject, so I reckon it'll work just fine for this project. 

A little bit of research has yielded the following:
-she will likely be a Pisces
-she'll be born in the year of the water snake (we live in Asia)

The name her mother and I have (nearly) settled on is Ayu, which:
-in Indonesian means beautiful
-in Japanese is the name of a fish (sweetfish in English)

So, while I don't like to give credence to astrology (western or otherwise), I am a fan of images and there seems to be a few water/oceanic themes here.  Thus, I opted to proceed with the creation of a poster based on this concept.

Let's get at it!


I began by working through somewhat obvious ideas about birth, creation, and so on.  

My notes had:
-unwrapped box or crate
-bridges:  representing the transfer from one thing to another (in this case pre-birth to life I suppose)

which i then realised I would want to have leaving the darkness and into the light:

But I quickly decided this imagery was far too obvious and played-out and maybe even a bit too crude in a sense.   At the very least it is extremely boring.

So, I started researching different types of creation mythology.  We usually spend part of the year in Indonesia so I looked into legend there.  Wikipedia informed me: "According to the myth of some ethnic groups in Sulawesi, the earth sat upon the back of gigantic babirusa. The earthquake happened when the boar felt itchy and rubbed its back against a gigantic palm tree."

Some strong imagery there!  I've never heard of a babirusa before (I do know that babi means pig), but found a drawing here:

and several of babirusa skulls which do look cool:


So I pondered doing an image of this creation story with the pig against the palm tree causing an earthquake.  But it seemed too literal to do a direct interpretation of this and I couldnt immediately think of any interesting way to play with it.


Then I investigated my daughter's official due date, 18 March and discovered she will:
-be born in the year of the water snake
-be a Pisces provided she arrives before 21 March.  The symbol of Pisces is the two fish

Also, the name her mother and I have (nearly) settled on is Ayu, which:
-in Indonesian means beautiful
-in Japanese is the name of a fish (called 'sweetfish' in English).  Her mother and I met in Japan

So.... I thought, we have a lot of water themes here.  But how to put these ideas together?

First things that come into my head:
1.) Ocean, Lake, Pond
2.) Rain
3.) Fish or Fishing
4.) Snakes, perhaps spelling her name in snakes as they represent a very malleable form

next step was expand on these simple concepts into other ideas:

  • a Pier or Dock looking out onto the watery horizon, with the bridge incorporated into the background, perhaps only the lights of the bridge at dusk.  re:

  • Along similar lines is an idea to have a horizon with icemelt from icebergs, the
  • an aquarium on a bookshelf:  

  • a giant public aquarium with the foreground dark with spectators:

I have a few other ideas, but what I need now is to have less ideas and more focus.  Any feedback would be appreciated.



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