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Awoof Von Woof

Totally no idea what I'm doing. Shoved together a Boston Terrier because they are clearly the superior breed of dog.

He's friendly, and wants to be loved.

However all is not well with Awoof (Von Woof).

He has pins stuck in his mesh, and he is very unhappy about that.

In fact, if we look at this medical chart, we can see where the pins are!

We've actually managed to assuage some of his painful pin issues by nulling the pain with super cool null objects! This has kept Awoof Von Woof quite content.


When he animates...

Simply dragging the head null (which the ear nulls are parented to) creates a bizarre distortion in his head, as well as affecting the rest of the body it surely shouldn't affect...

And dragging his head up?

Well just look at his neck stretching and acting up there!

What can we do about you, Awoof Von Woof?

We only want the best for you.

Awoof's layers have been precomp'd, and the puppet pins placed onto the precomp! Was that a bad idea? Probably! Are there better ways? Highly likely! Hopefully we'll find out!

Awoof is a very sweet dog, enjoys company and being pet, and only wishes he could distort his mesh correctly.


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