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Awesome Class - student project

My mom bought my nephews new bedspreads: one with gorillas & one with octopuses. She asked me to create a painting to kind of coordinate with them, since she knows I love painting. However, I've never drawn or painted either subject before and wasn't sure where to start. 

I wanted to mimic the colors of the bedspread, but not the exact images. So, after taking this class, I felt confident to find images I liked on pinterest, stketch them out, make them my own, and go from there. After I sketched them in my sketch book, I use a pen to trace a final draft them on tracing paper. Then I traced over the image and transfered it onto watercolor paper with graphite paper and went from there. I actually exceeded my own expectations and am so happy with how they turned out. I wound up making two watercolor/pen pieces for each nephew and they can choose to hang their favorite or change them out over time.

Than you, Yasmina!Awesome Class - image 1 - student projectAwesome Class - image 2 - student projectAwesome Class - image 3 - student projectAwesome Class - image 4 - student projectAwesome Class - image 5 - student projectAwesome Class - image 6 - student project