Awesome Class! Here's my plan to take control of my artistry.

Awesome Class! Here's my plan to take control of my artistry. - student project

Go-To Subject:
2 pears
considering dog as an second

This makes so much sense. I have goals for other areas of my life, but was just drifting along with my art!

Encaustic medium. Really concentrate on this and try out as many techniques as I can find or come up with! After this, I can start to work more with the ones I enjoy the most. This is a medium to long term goal (1 year, September 2016 to September 2017)

Complete work on website design by end of November.

Figure out how to get good digital images of my artwork! Find a photographer nearby, or invest in camera and lighting, and find out about equipment used at the office. 

Work on values. (Import into computer and change to gray scale to help evaluate)
Play with different light sources and how the shadows change. Use pears and a spotlight to start.

Be Consistent:
A tough one for me. I'm either obsessed and putting in time every day or weeks go by without me doing anything. I will ride the wave when I'm obsessed and complete a minimum of 2, 1 hour sessions when I'm not in the zone.

Developing my own style and embracing it.
Updating and refining goals as needed.

Remember to finish WIPs when feeling confident!
When I'm dragging my ass in the studio, cut and sand boards, gesso surfaces, clean and organize.
If frustrated, what's the cause? What do I need to work on?

Try an angry painting!

Be kinder to myself.
Be constructive.
Find something that I can do more effectively the next time around.
Once you realize you're done for the day, STOP. Don't keep going and mess up a good piece. Or at least work on something else!

Mind blown! You are not always trying to create finished pieces!!! Duh...why did someone have to say this to me?It is so much easier to experiment and grow when not worried about the outcome or wasting expensive materials.

Even my sketchbooks were used with the thought of someone else seeing them! 

Sessions are already much more focused, but it is easy to fall back into the habit of trying to create a finished piece.

Art Chart:
Goals are written in my new project notebook which I take with me to the studio.
I will use my go-to subject of pears to evaluate my progress and also my session log about what I worked on each time and anything worth noting (good color combos, areas I need to work on, etc.)