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Awesome Candy Edible Sheets (ACES)

This is a sort of fun hair-brained idea that popped up. Would you want this?

Where the idea came from: So I finally got around to trying a candy recipe, which came out great.

But then the dreaded time came to melt chocolate to coat the candy. Melting candy in the microwave is easy. Cleaning a bowl of hardened chocolate is not, however pouring boiling water into the bowl is a great trick.

The candy making process used up lots of parchment and wax paper. 

In a fit of sheet water-saving laziness, I put blocks of chocolate on wax paper - at the risk of the wax melting - then put that into a bowl to melt it (so I wouldn't get the bowl dirty, then could keep the candy on the same sheet. My commitment to saving water has no boundaries, as does my lack of shame in how messy my candies are.)

Don't worry, I'm not selling this chocolate so the wax is only killing me. :) But what if that sheet of paper was edible?

Problem: Messy waste in making candy at home (and cookies too)

Customer: Mostly kids, parents with kids and serious DIY home chefs like me.

We are concerned about waste and also into fun experiential food projects.

Solution: Awesome Candy Edible Sheets (ACES) which I imagine could be made from brown rice, that would be very compostable (given that you could eat them, they'd have to to disintegrate easily when wet) yet durable enough that no flavor from the sheets would get onto the thing you're using them.

Imagine eating a chocolate crusted yummy piece of paper or at least knowing if you tossed it, it would easily compost.

Competition: Some edible sheets exist but not at the scale of being a parchment or waxed paper alternative. They're mostly for topping cakes, made of a thin rice paper. The ACES would have to be cheap and tasty.

What do you think? :)




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