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Away We Go Week 1, Week 2

Thank you Frank for your feedback. This class has helped produce more interesting photos. 

Week 2

1. Pi Gallery - Vertical lines

2. Dog in Mexico -  Vertical lines

3. The Beatles - Horizontals

4. Fire Escape

5. Cropped of Week 1 #5 

Week 1

I took a look at some of my older photo's and wanted to practice making them look better using the rules we learned in Week 1. Feeback is welcomed and appreciated. 

I took these photos on the Canon Powershot. Edited using

1. Hillsong - I saw the band Hillsong perform at the Hollywood Bowl. I cropped it to have the fore, mid, and background. 

2. Bennie in Car Mirror - I saw my boyfriend's reflection in the car mirror and quickly took this photo. I changed the color to a light Sepia. This is a Frame within a Frame shot. 

3. Shin Family - I cropped the edges so that they were even. I think it's a bit ironic because of the door sign of 2 when there are 3 people in the photo. 

4. Panoramic Los Angeles - When I cropped this, it ended up becoming a panoramic shot. I included a fore, mid, and background. 

5. San Francisco Waiting for Trolley - It has a mid, fore, and background. 


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