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Avril Lavigne

Hello everyone,

I'm Rene from Germany and this is my pencil portrait project (try to say it three times in quick succession).

I've chosen the beautiful Avril Lavigne. Not for her beauty but for her frontal pose.

To compare my drawing abilities, I'm going to draw her without any measuring or any other helpful things. Just my eyes (and a pencil, of course). I will post the drawing within a few days.

Then I'm going to watch all these little videos from Gabrielle and draw Madame Lavigne again. But this time with the knowledge of the videos.

See you.



Well. I don't know what to think about the following situation.

Here you can see my sketch:

As you can see, my drawing doesn't look like her.

And here is a drawing I made two or three years ago:

As you can see, my drawing on the right looks like the print on the left.

Why is my face drawing some sort of (insert bad word here)?

It's quite frustrating.



Here is my second try:

I used a crosshair and the paper measuring from Gabrielles video to construct better proportions. Though the drawing is slightly better than the previous one, I'm not happy with it. I went into the details too soon and so she doesn't look like as on the photo.


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