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Avon Cheng

Artist behind Avonnie Studio




Hello, my name is Avon. I am taking this class with a great passion in lettering hoping to extend my skills and be able to create professional script images. Here you will find my learning progresses and works. Enjoy!

Handwritten Words on Paper

  • Materials: Printing paper and pen
  • Duration Time: 5 minutes

At first, I have written my name, Avon, in as many ways as I could think of. I have experienced writing my name with different spacing, different ways of writing "A", and different styling.


After many tries, I have decided to go with this writing as shown in the image below. I have chosen this particular writing because I really like the long stroke across the first letter "A". 


Improving Shapes

  • Materials: Tracing paper and pencil
  • Duration Time: 15 minutes 

With tracing papers placed on top of the design I have chosen from last step, I have modified the letters in many ways. The most challenging part is to add "flourishness" to this name since the alphabets forming the name, Avon, are all pretty simple letters. It required me to think outside the box and be creative.

After modifing the design in many different ways, I have decided to go for the design marked as "2" (as shown in the image below). This design has only one line connecting all the letters, and it incorporates a tiny heart in front of "A".



  • Materials: Scanner, Adobe Illustrator
  • Duration Time: 2 hours

I scanned the image into the computer and used Adobe Illustrator to trace the image with pen tool as demostrated by the instructor, Martina.

As a rough draft, my line did not appear smooth at all. I have included a screen shot of my first draft below. 


With many trials and errors, I have came to realize that the line appeared to be a lot smoother after removing some of the anchor points, which was forming awkward bumps in my work.

By stopping to look at what I thought was a final work, I have noticed that some places need more works because they either seem off, or are too thick or too thin. The red circles indicate places where I think improvements are needed. I have also noticed that the line weights for each letter needed to be consistent.


After making adjustments mentioned above. Here comes my final peice of script! 


Experimenting with my Final Script

  • Materials: My final script file and Adobe Photoshop 
  • Duration Time: 20 minutes

I switched to Adobe Photoshop and opened my final script file. I then created a black background and used the "Outer Glow" function on my script to create the flowing effect.


I then added a nice background and changed the color of my script... and Viola! 


Final Thought

I have always had fear of using Adobe Illustrator. I actually did not expected to learn creating script out of my own handwriting with this program and I am so proud of myself that I have done it! I have learned so much from this class including criticizing my own work and being consistent with the "ovals" in my script writing. I am really glad that I have erolled in this class! Thank you Martina :)


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