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Kate Sypek

artist and graphic designer



Avoir de la Bouteille

I've been wanting to learn how to do neon sign lettering for a while now so this class was very exciting for me! It was also a great chance to practice lettering and using the pen tool in general.

I chose the french idiom "Avoir de la Bouteille" which means literally "to have some bottles".  The saying implies that the older you get, the more experience and wisdom you have.  It's an old saying that came from the fact that each birthday would be celebrated with a bottle of wine, so the more birthdays you've had, the more bottles.  I like this because it was a reminder to me that i learn more and more each day, and to never stop evolving.

I started with a basic sketch:


From there I spent some time lettering in illustrator. I'm happy with how it finally turned out (this was my first time lettering. There are definitely still issues galore but for now I'm living with it).


I had a lot of fun playing with it in photoshop.  It was better at first, but then i played with some of the colors and at the end i'm not loving the green bottle. That being said i had a blast and love the design overall! I can't wait to make some more neon signs :) Thanks for a great class!

I'd LOVE any feedback or tips!



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