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Avocê Eyewear: Designed Exclusively for Women

Brand Name -  Avocê

Brand Concept - Eyewear is an expression of your fashion sense and personality that should complement your personal style

Slogan 1 - Chic eyewear for everything you do

Slogan 2 - Inspiring confidence through design

Genesis of Name

We named our brand Avocê because it’s for you. Você is the pronoun “you” in Portuguese and we set out to design collections to be beautiful, sophisticated, and fun, like Brazil. But only you can infuse your style, personality and attitude to make these frames truly yours. That’s why we abstained from any visible external branding on the frame. Avocê accentuates your beauty and fashion without stealing the show.

We are committed to providing fun yet sophisticated affordable eyewear featuring clean designs and rich hues designed exclusively for women. Whether you want to jazz up your work attire or make a bold statement, you'll find a frame, or two, to complement your unique style.

Confidence is critical in achieving your goals. If you don't think you can do it, no one will. Fashion is about confidently showcasing your perseonality, your creativity, and what matters to you. If you don't have the courage to put yourself out there, how will you have the courage to continue to pursue your goals in the face of adversity and doubt. Hence Chic eyewear for everything you do.

Identifying the need

Many designs currently offered are more unisex and do not complement women's natural facial features. I'm building an eyewear brand that is designed exclusively for womean featuring clean lines and modern takes on classic silhouettes. Design elements such as upswept lines and cat-eye silhouettes naturally enhance women's beautiful facial structures, which is inherently different from men's faces.

Eyewear - the most promeninent of all accessories

Eyewear is the most prominent accessory in that it’s the most visible as it's displayed on one's face. People may not notice the charm bracelet, or wristlet, but they’ll notice what glasses you’re wearing and how it plays with the rest of your ensemble.

Eyewear also has the ability to influence how people preceive you. Most people associate glasses with intelligence but glasses can also convey sexiness, seriousness, playfulness, etc. You truly get to express yourself with glasses also from a fashion stand point. You can feature the glasses with bolder colors and patterns or wear a more reserved pair that subtly enhances your look.

First Collection

With our beautiful Início Collection, we offer all-inclusive pricing for frames, lenses, and value-add coatings, starting at $99 for prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses. Prescription polarized sunglasses are $169. All of our lenses come with 100% UV protection and both anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings. We provide free shipping and free returns on all purchases.


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