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Kate Smith




Avetts Quote

I'm a calligrapher, and most of what I do is wedding related - invitations, menus, place cards, that sort of thing.  For design work, though, I have had to have help getting my writing into vector form.  I'm so excited for this class because now I'll be able to do it all myself.

This is a sketch I want to develop into a present for my husband.  We're nutty Avett Brothers fans, and he took me on our first date to see them at Corndog-o-Rama in Atlanta.  I've always liked this quote about doing your best.  Next, I'm going to ink the drawing and correct up the spacing and balance.  It's amazing what you can see in a photo that you miss when drawing, at least for me.

Below is the .jpg from the vector file.  I'm not really happy with it, but I'm happy with the knowledge I learned in the class.  I'm going to go back and start again at the inking step to prepare this as a gift.  But for the class, I continued through Photoshop and Illustrator until I got the vector file.  I'm so pleased to be able to do this now!  I'll update once I clean it up again, but it will be a week or two due to work!


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