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Jay Clemons





Slogan: " Like No Other "

The name "Averaje" comes from what I have been seening, The people who I am around are trying so hard to be so different with their clothing, styles, even a walk etc...And with everyone trying so hard to be different they fall into a bubble filled with the same people. To me it makes them AVERAGE...Im going to change that, I want to put a dent in what streetwear is today and take it back a decade and make the individual stand out. I want you to be the " J " in Averaje. 

 " My goal for future projects and designs is to only showcase what interest me and with that gain the interest of others. I love street fashion but season after season I see the same thing, if its camouflage, floral pattern, or animal print. All my favorite brands are putting out the same type of clothing, From a business perspective its a great thing giving the consumer what they want. I would like to be the guy giving the consumer what they dont want and eventually making it something that they need. " -Jay C.


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