Average of 30 minutes for my last 5 classes

Average of 30 minutes for my last 5 classes - student project

My last 5 classes average a whopping 30 minutes !!!

I am going to try and get that down to the 15 - 25-minute mark going forward while maintaining quality.

For those that are interested the 5 classes were as follows:

Discover Why Size Really Matters When It Comes to Creating a Successful Skillshare Class - 21 minutes

How to Save Time and Money Formatting Your eBook Using the Compile Feature within Scrivener - 39 minutes

- Stop Guessing How Much Money You Will Make on Skillshare This Month and Learn This Simple Process - 40 minutes

- How to Setup the All-important Front and Back Matter of Your Book within Scrivener - 29 minutes

- Learn How to Sell More with Reciprocity and the Power of Giving - 24 minutes