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I am so glad that I found this class. I enjoyed it! Thank you very much for teaching it!

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I made the eyes the way it is to show my Asian lineage. I dunno how else to translate the same schema when I make a set, like if I have a group and not everyone's Asian. Maybe, I'll just go with ellipses without lids or something. Is there a "Guide to eyes" out there? The difference with shine vs no shine is something I'm debating over too... For now, I just put a blob of white to make the eyes look less dead. 

I also played with hair, and thought angular hair looked less normal, but it sure looked interesting and less mature. 

One thing I noticed is that it made me look real hard at what could set me apart. Aside from the eyes, I haven't gotten anything like bangs... or a cool mustache or moles, so I just went with giving myself with full locks of hair and buns. Yeah... that's what I'm gonna look like in maybe 2 years. 


Lemme know what you think, and thank you for dropping by!