Thomas Braga-Henebry

Geographer, wannabe writer



Avatar Iko project

Act I:


Iko escapes from the State Academy and is making his way to the White Lotus tea house.

  • Iko is wakes up in a dingy alley on a wet morning, scared and alone.
  • Iko doesn’t know how to interact with people on the street.
  • Iko finds the (thing) Moji gave him before they separated.


Iko remembers his time in school,  how kind his teacher Moji was to him, and how she sacrificed herself to save him.

  • Iko’s past before school is murky, unclear.
  • Moji offers consolation when he is dejected and homesick.
  • Moji and Iko bond over their shared need for each other.
  • Moji reminds Iko many times that he is not just another boy, but he is special, and he will know what to do when the time comes.
  • Iko snaps out of his trance, follows the directions Moji gave him to the tea house.


Iko reaches the tea house, but the authorities followed him and raid the shop.

  • Iko meets Aira, who blows him off as a beggar until she sees the (thing).
  • Aira closes the shop, brings Iko into the secret chamber under the shop where Mataro is.
  • Mataro harshly interrogates Iko about Moji, who they all think is dead.
  • The authorities raid the tea house, Mataro tells Aira to get Iko out of the city.
  • In the final chase, Iko must use his powers to escape.


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