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About Avadore

Growing up in an Asian family has always been a challenge. I have had to decide whether I should live the life that makes my parents happy or the life that makes me happy. This year I graduated from California Polytechnic University of Pomona with a major in Construction Engineering Technology. I have been working for an Architecture firm for the past 8 years. On the outside, my life seemed ideal, but I was not happy.


After a long internal struggle, I decided to pursue my dream of fashion under the brand Avadore. The word Avadore means “the love of one’s life”. The slogan, “I’m your Avadore” is meant to reflect the nostalgia found in  foolish, unadulterated, and juvenile love from your youth. The goal is to provide freedom to styles that can reflect individual’s mindset through fashion. Avadore is the bridge between the high end and urban fashion.


What makes me different from other people is that I focus on the current change of the fashion style rather than print style. I wanted to focus on designing the textiles and the patterns of clothes, rather than printing images or graphics on a computer. This methodology has allowed Avadore to break into the industry and allow me to focus on the fashion I love; the shape and the colors of the clothes.


Avadore is always growing and even though I run Avadore on my own, I hope that my clothes can show the world by love of fashion.

Simplified Logo

About Avadore Blak 13 Collection

The Avadore BLAK 13 collection is an athletic collection that focuses on the use of fleece material. 2013 was the year of leather in fashion, and 2014 will undoubtedly be the year of the ‘comfy/sharp-sport’ look. I believe that this will be accomplished with fleece and through the BLAK 13 collection we see this trend in action.


Sweatpants and sweatshirts used to mean ‘laziness’, but with the new BLAK 13 collection we are reviving fleece and giving it a sexy new look. Fleece, in the past, has not been thought of as a material that is similar to leather. However, when you begin to think about it, their similarities aren’t so distant. Both materials need to be cut correct. If both are cut too loose, it will make the dresser look slow and sloppy. If either is cut too tight, it will cause a discomfort. Expertly cut fleece can make the wearer look agile, while conveying an active lifestyle.


Avadore decided to perfect the textile print, cut, color, and sew of the sweatshirts, rather than focusing on thue design and print of a simple graphic. The BLAK 13 collection contrasts bold black and subtle white color to add character to the material. Much of the BLAK 13 collection combines fleece with leather and zippers to add that sharp, luxurious finish.


I present to you Avadore’s first premium collection, BLAK 13

Avadore Blak 13 Mens

Hooded T-shirt

Hooded Short Sleeve Sweatshirts



Long Sleeve

Floral White Long Sleeve

Floral Blak Long Sleeve

Ultra Floral Long Sleeve

Arizona Long Sleeve


One of the most controversial topics of this year was the death of a young man, Trayvon Martin. All he had in his backpack were a bag of skittles and a can of Arizona ice tea at that time. He was chased after and shot to death just because of the way he dressed as, "a black man with hoodie..." As an aspiring street-wear fashion designer, I wanted to change how society views hoodies. This is why I came up with the idea.


Avadore sweat pants features Moto pants look to give agile and active look.

Avadore Blak 13 Womens

Hooded Dress


White and Blak

Look Book

Model above is wearing Avadore signature genuine lamb skin short sleeve hooded sweat shirt.

In The Process of Making

When I read the announcement that Jeff Staple is giving us an opportunity to show our talent in fashion through Skillshare, I was excited for the opportunity to push myself and create something that I always wanted to. I have never been this passionate about doing a project. Because I work 40 hours a week at an architecture office, it was extremely difficult to make progress on this project, but I persevered.

After struggling for a long time to find the right materials, I realized that I couldn’t waste any more time on making simple short sleeve hoodies. I decided to look for an elegant solution to this difficult problem. I decided to cut and modify blank black hoodies that I ordered online to get the shape and feel of the style that I want to convey.

Thanks for chekcing my portfolio. Hope we all see each other soon. Love yall!


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