Katie Haire

Graphic Artist



Ava Elizabeth (1st Birthday)

Since I am an only child, my first friend from high school to a) get married and b) have a baby...is a big deal to me. Unfortunately they live 3 hours away from me so I rarely get to see him, his lovely wife, or their sweet baby. She's turning 1 this month so I decided to use this project to make her a keepsake for her room...But her name is Ava Elizabeth, and one short name and one long name are hard to illustrate next to each other! Suggestions and WELCOMED and NEEDED!

Sketch 1:

A "Cleaned up" sketch 2. I have bad craftsmanship, haha.

I can't decide what to do with that stupid flourish thing on the right. Is it too thick? I sort of want the whole thing to be a little "unreadable" and tangled looking. I want it to be more ornate. I need help!

Also, I am pretty sure I am going to paint the whole thing by hand, since I would like to give them an original painting for this. So, tips for that would be welcomed too!


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