Autumn Veggies

Autumn Veggies - student project

Hi Dylan! Thanks for this amazing class. I started off with your newest class only to realize that I needed to take a few other classes before I can get back to it. This is my first time working on Photoshop and I have to admit it was a steep learning curve. I'm an Illustrator girl and I work only in vector. But then I remembered how before learning Illustrator I was a pen and ink girl working only in black and white on paper. 

So, I came back to this after taking an hour's break and managed to complete my first ever Photoshop art! I avoided playing around too much with the brushes but for the next one I'm definitely going to try a bit more of that.

Autumn Veggies - image 1 - student project

This was done in Illustrator to test out my pattern.

I added the hand drawn lines and brush strokes in Photoshop and below is my final piece.

Autumn Veggies - image 2 - student project

I would love your feedback. Thanks!