Autumn Spice and Autumn Spicey

Autumn Spice and Autumn Spicey - student project

I really loved taking this class!!! I learned a whole lot of new things and I am very excited to use them in future projects. One of the things I new about but never really used was the color burn for layers. I had so much fun with these that I ended up experimenting with them so much that my pumpkin turned a vibrant blue, turquoise and green combo. Those happen to be some of my favorite colors so after I was done with my original “Autumn Spice” I duplicated it to turn all things those colors and I call it “Autumn Spicey”!!! I had only taken classes with one teacher and I loved the way you teach as well. Thank you for sharing your art and teaching us it as well. I think I’m going to take your succulent class next. Thank you!!!Autumn Spice and Autumn Spicey - image 1 - student projectAutumn Spice and Autumn Spicey - image 2 - student project