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Autumn Morning - Project 1

This is the reference I used for my portrait. I decided on this reference photo because the girl is looking straight at the camera with not too much expression - no difficult dimensions/ angles to conquer and there is enough lighting to create contrast. I looked at a lot of different reference photos on google images and I ended up choosing this one because I liked the composition of this photo.

Here are some of the starting sketches - I then got so involved in the whole process that I forgot to keep documenting the different stages. Ah yeah lots of shadows from using my phone camera - will have to use my proper camera next time. 

I like doing the eyes first. I think it adds life to the portrait straight away. I like that moment of success before the hard work starts.

This is where I start to add a little more detail in the portrait and have (hopefully) got the dimensions right or atleast on paper.

The next step was going ahead with the blanket. Drawing material needs another class. I didn't really know what I was getting myself in for with the amount of detail and shading I'd have to do on the blanket. I thought it would be a walk in the park compared to drawing facial features. In the end I think it adds something extra to the portrait - creates a border and a nice composition to the face. Another difficulty I had was drawing the hair against such a dark background. 

So here is my final piece (well, almost final - there are quite a few things I still want to get my pencil into) But perhaps I'll just leave it here. When is a drawing ever finished? 

Happy drawing everyone!  Thanks Gabrielle for all of your wonderful advice. I had always wanted to draw portraits but everytime I opened a book about portrait drawing I felt overwhelmed (and possibly bored). Your class is very inspiring, easy to follow and great to refer back to. Thanks again x


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