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Claire Lines

Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Autumn Leaves

I wanted to make a design that uses nature in some way. Summer is great and all, but I really love fall, so I was craving some autumn leaves :)

I started by drawing this pattern by hand on watercolor paper, but I don't have a scanner or printer so I had a really hard time assembling the pattern in photoshop. This is when I went into photoshop and basically re-did/traced my original design using digital brushes and a wacom tablet. 

I went with the diagonal layout method that Julia showed us, and I really like how it came out! More process photos are attached below:


This is the original hand-drawn/painted pattern I made. I tried to take a mediocre cellphone pic of it instead of going to a kinkos and scanning it. This didn't work out so great:


That's what the original looked like in photoshop after trying to get it to work. Not so great :/

After giving up on that, I just made a completely digital version, doing all the steps that Juila showed us but in the computer this time:



And for the final version:



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