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Autumn Hedgerow

I am lucky enough to live nestled into a hillside surrounded by fields and countryside and I would like my pattern to reflect this beauty. I love everything about Autumn and the changes it brings as leaves change colour and everything is bathed in an earthy, almost golden light. Pheasants are one of the birds found in my garden and surrounding fields and I would love to capture their beauty amongst the other elelments I choose to include in my pattern. I have included a photo I took of one of these stunning birds in my moodboard becuase I love the way it shows off the intense colours they have in their feathers and I would like to use these colours throughout my pattern to tie everything together.

I am looking forward to beginning to sketch out my ideas in the next stage of the process!

Sketching Update 9th Dec:

Here are some of the sketches I have done using my moodboard for inspiration. I have sketched from my own photos and other than the pheasant sketch, I have drawn over my sketches with a black pen to hopefuly make using them in Illustrator a little easier.

I'm excited to start putting them into Illustrator but am a little nervous as I have never used Illustator before or created a repeating pattern. I have no clue if I'll be able to do what I want with them but I'm hoping with the videos and lots of time I will be able to produce something by the end of the course!

Looking at my sketches I realise I do tend to add lots of detail to my drawings which may or may not be a bad thing! - I'm not sure how I am going to use the sketches I have got here just yet but I'm thinking about having the pheasant as a focal point amongst all the other motifs. The sketches of the different shapes of feathers I thought might be nice to use in a supporting pattern to create a collection.






Update 15th Dec - Pattern making!

As mentioned before, Illustrator is completely new to me and everything has taken me so long to do but I have learnt so much! This group has given me the confidence to just dive in and give it a go.

After hours of trial and error here is my final hero print:


I also had a go at creating two secondary prints.

The first using my pheasant feather sketch:


and the second using a new branch motif:


I have also produced a wallpaper mock up of my design:


I'm so happy I've been able to produce something for this group and I have grown in confidence. I know I can now use these skills and develop my style and have fun with experimenting.

I have enjoyed being part of this class and welcome and feedback!


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