Autumn Garden 2019

Autumn Garden 2019 - student project

My autumn jungle provided images of plants with lots of colours, but I have added in the grapes that were picked in February.  The delphiniums are still sending up flower spikes now!  I could have made the painting more abstract, or illustrative, but this is still a leap for me.  Thanks for providing the inspiration, Sara, I really enjoyed the image making!  Here are some photos and the final work.Autumn Garden 2019 - image 1 - student project!


Autumn Garden 2019 - image 2 - student project


Materials:  Gouache by Daler Rowney, Schminke, Art Spectrum and some Impellist Ultramarine Deep watercolour to brighten the blue flowers.  I've had these paints for years - and one tube was completely dry but I opened the tube to get to the paint which worked OK.  I've never really used gouache before, and was really pleased with how you could mix the colours together on the paper.