Jacqueline Kok

Illustrator and pattern designer



Autumn Flowers


I wanted to create a pattern inspired by the autumn beauty in my garden so I started with pictures of some flowers and leaves. Then wanted to add the sea with the faded colours of the dunes. And from these I took my colour palette.

This tutorial is just what I needed to get started with patterns again. Love the thorough approach from inspiration to sketch to pattern. And the tip to always use your own pictures.


From the photos I sketched the flowers and leaves I wanted to use. I scanned them and vectorised them in Illustrator.

Then I started shifting them around and colouring them. This is what is the result for now, but I think I will return to it. Maybe change some colours.


After uploading I realised I did not like how the leaves are in a line. So I did some reworking and changed some colours, most notably the background. I would love to hear comments on this pattern.



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