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Autumn Flowers

I have reworked the original design below and finally have made some progress understanding how Illustrator likes things. The sketch started with my photos I quickly sketched with Adobe Ideas using a pressure sensitive stylus, then I email the PDF and spent some time sorting through all the quirks of a PDF.  Here is the latest surface pattern design from sketch to a few colourways.

Autumn flowers including a few bugs and decaying plants.

My re-do


Older Post Below

I am just beginning my adventures into surface pattern design. is where you can see my art work in printmaking.

I feel like a 'Bull-in-a-China-Shop' working in illustrator compared to the intuitive flow I have developed from many years of working in Photoshop. Having Elizabeth's process to refer to has helped to narrow down my focus with one step at a time.  I made some progress and also made some major mistakes along the way including loosing the entire working file! (luckly I saved the swatch!) Oh well that's how we learn, by fearlessly making lots and lots of mistakes, pfft!. Here is my work so far.


- Mood Board -

Autumn (photos are mine with the exception of the Art-Deco blue flower - Love ArtDeco that would be the style I would like to work towards and vintage colours, muted. dusty - but with texture too - but i'm not ready to attempt textured brushes). This is my surroundings, living on 5 acres of forest and fields, 20 minutes from the ski hill and 10 minutes from the ocean and many lakes too (yes - always inspired and grateful to be here).


- Original Sketches -

I photographed them with iPad Mini and traced with Adobe Ideas (free - you don't have to have iCloud CC version) and emailed PDF to myself (InkPad is not available for whatever reason). I use the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus which is blue tooth enabled. Wacom has a new Intuos Stylus 2 coming out in mid-October and I have ordered it - it has a finer point!! (I have no excuses I like toys)


-The Swatch -

Never had a chance to play with the colours. I'm not sure what I did, but I lost the original layer. I think I may have had two files open with the same name and saved one over the other. At least I captured the swatch! I think I might like order this surface design from Spoonflower - maybe a organic cotton jersey for a T-shirt?

Now I need to try again and see if I can do it right!


Attempt 2 - Above


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