Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Autumn Feeling!

Hey Aga, thank you for a wonderful class. I really enjoyed your teaching method! So here is my final mock up pattern and image. Since I was traveling, I wasn't able to update my cover image and my pattern file, so here they are :)

The image that I have used in this was taken from a friend. She is a blogger and she loved the fact that I was using her photo. :)


But there was a slight problem with the mock up I feel. The skirt somehow seems flattish, the creases and folds aren't very visible it seems. So I edited it and here are the final results.


I felt I should try with another skirt, so here is the final result :) This image was taken from Kohl's catalogue by Lauren Conrad. 


Working with black skirts was a bit of a problem, I had to make two copies of the pattern and changed the mode to screen in the other. Otherwise, my pattern was losing it's brightness.

So I absolutely love this class. I have been making patterns and experimenting everyday. You can't grasp a particular technique till you practice and practice more. All of these focus on Autumn, and use completely different styles of patterns (I was broadening my horizons haha). So here are all my patterns with their respective mock ups.

My second pattern is inspired from autumn and the drinks we love to have in it :





My third pattern is inspired from autumn flowers and colors. Even the mock up I felt in this case should be something autumnal like coats. 



My fourth pattern finally is associated with fishing, something I associate with fall. Moreover, I have used a deep orange as my background color because I think that color is the perfect way to describe that season.



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