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Autumn Collective

What is the Autumn Collective?

When I was a young kid growing up in the 80's and 90's I was very shy.  My world revolved around the toys I collected and the movies and TV I watched.  At a young age those things kept me company and that pop culture still influences me today.

Fast forward ...

I was drawing non-stop as a kid and grew up learning more and more about illustration.  That wasn't enough for me though.  I really wanted to learn how to silkscreen.  Through trial and error I learned.  I began to create my own tees with my own artwork on it, and to my surprise people wanted to buy them.

There was something missing though.  I had no vision of what my brand should be.

The Brand & Name.

I wanted to make a clear vision for my brand.  Something that really spoke to me and I kept coming back to when I was a child.  It was clear to me now I should go back to my roots.  This is when Autumn Collective was born.

I chose the name Autumn Collective because of how gloomy the season felt.  It's cold and dark but also had it's positives. My vision was that I wanted to be involved in the art community and build a "collective" of indiviuals who could contribute to make this brand better.  I wanted to get artists that I admire to help create designs for the line.

I also wanted to pay homage to the things I loved growing up.  Playing a huge part to the Autumn Collective brand will be influences from horror movies.

I hope this will be something people can relate to.


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