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Automatic Nikki 2.0

Oct 31, 2014 - The beginning

To answer the three questions:

1) I found that I'm an Obliger with a hint of Questsioner

2) I signed up for this class because there's so many things I know I need to do for myself that I always put off and can't seem to make them feel important when they actually are. 

3) The only consistant habit I've had is checking social media once I wake up or watch a TV show before I go to bed. I wouldn't call them good habits but they're very strong ones I've developed. 

Nov 4 2014 - Here's the plan, time to start

So I've filled out my worksheet.. has me feeling like I can actually do it. I have a really hard time getting out of bed not waking up. I wake up by 7:30a so I will need to wake up earlier but I don't think that will be the hard part. I hate...really hate being cold and so many times I have laid in bed dreading to throw the covers off because of that painful moment of cold that hits my body. You might think that would wake me up, but instead it makes me curl up even harder into my blankets. For my reward I linked in my already bad habit of checking social media the moment I wake to making it a reward for when I get physically out of bed, I hope that it works. I want this habit to be a building block for my dream morning routine that I've always wanted but could never stick to. Let the experiment begin!

Nov 15 2014 - Update on Progress

Ok so I've been waking and getting out of bed for the bast week and a half and only missed three times, but I have found a problem. So I'll get up, go to the bathroom, then sit on my couch to reward myself with social media, but then after I realize "oh I have a couple hours to get ready, lets waste them" so then I either craw back in bed and play a game (not falling back to sleep, which is a good thing and one of the reason I made this habit) or I just continue on social media.. so now I think I need a new habit to start after this one to feel productive and not waste time. I am suppose to do physical tharapy stuff everyday..which I don't so maybe I build that in and do a new habit cycle? Thoughts?

Nov 25 2014 - Final Wrap Up

So today marks the 21st day to my habit to waking up and getting out of bed by 6:30am. Here are some charts: 

So out of 21 days and completed my habit 16 times, 76% completion rate. The bar chart are my top 5 reasons I didn't do my habit, forgetting to set the alarm being the most common reason. Interesting that that was the most common reason because it shows how dependent I was for the trigger. The longest streak I had was 5 days and then I had a what I call a "lazy day" where I litterally don't leave my bed to recharge from the week.

Overall I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm going to add another 21 day challenge to this because I don't feel like it's a complete habit yet. In addition I am adding a new habit and working on a new cycle map.

Thanks so much for reading and following!

Good luck on your own goals! 


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