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Autobiographical graphic narrative project!

hi everyone! I was so excited to find this class, as I knew I really needed to work on my inking techniques. I live in Mexico City and go to grad school here. My thesis project is about graphic narratives and immigration, and while i was working on developing an autobiographical narrative about my own travels, I took the opportunity to take Yuko Shimizu's class here on Skillshare. 

The focus on texture and really taking my time to represent different lines and textures helped me the most, I think. Before, I tended to rush my line work in a sort of "spontaneous" way, that didnt always give me the best results. Also, I rarely trusted myself to not make "mistakes" that I would later "fix" in Photoshop -- often creating an incongruous illustration that felt cut-and-pasted together. Disclaimer: in this project I definitely used lots of references, since it was already built-in to the project description. 

It's also been great to experiment with different brushes, and I'm loving the personality they have, although I can't seem to find any high quality asian brushes here in the city. oh well! 


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