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Auto-Tune Lion Bot thing


Working from a square shape as a reference I chose robots, DJ / MC and alien as the selected character traits.  I brainstormed some my favorite cartoon characters, video games and popular culture.  The results included Optimus Prime, Aibo the robotic dog, Voltron, Batman paper bot toys, Bust A Groove Playstation one characters and Run DMC. 


working around the robot, DJ/ MC, alien theme I sketched some characters using square block forms


End result is a space alien Auto-Tune lion with the power to entertain and defeat evil (although auto-tune songs can be severely evil if over played on the radio..)


Trying to stick to square / block shapes yielded a robotic theme in my mind.  I'm not so experienced drawing robots but I gave it a try.  The result is a voltron looking space alien robot with laser tail light show cannon, frontal auto-tune mouth and cyclops eyewear.  My line drawings are super messy.  I took photos then tried to clean up in photoshop.  Hopefully I can learn a better process for importing line art.

There you have it.  A new hero is on the block, the "Auto-Tune Lion Space Robot or ATLSR" 




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