Author Platform

I set up two accounts, one on tumbler and one on instagram. (kinda weird navagating them, i've never used them).


Sinse I would describe myself as an empathetic person who values self growth, I want to offer not only advice I've learned but give tip on how to overcome very common and rough situations as a writer. 

Aditionally I want to do the same regarding life's problems such as moving on from self doubt and moving on with your life and dreams rather than dwell on how much it sucks. I see so any people do this and I have as well. I want to be a part in helping people move forward with their lives rather than sink in their misery. 

My target audience: Teens, college age, and people just starting out in life

When: Weekly (as opposed to my norm of "whenever I feel Like it")

How: Starting off through written posts and maybe add pictures. . . and MAYBE videos :(. 


(Thank You Jenna, you are a true inspiration to us all!!!!!!)