Author Platform Plan

Author Platform Plan - student project

Positive Characteristics:

1. Optimistic

2. Childish

3. Noble(?)

4. Open-Minded (sensitive)


Possible Services:

1. Book Reviews

2. Thoughts on writing processes/subjects


I can make book reviews exploring why some topics are/aren't insensitive or risky while explaining alternatives while keeping up a sense of optimism for every book and encouraging full-force exploration and research. Or I can analyze how other works for a solid critique with encouraging optimism as opposed to "this is what it does wrong" I can say "this is what it had going right".


I'm marketing to Young Adult Heroic Fantasy readers so I'll do reviews and essays on trends and subjects going on in fantasy in posts on a blog while also sharing blurbs/quotes to Twitter and Instagram with some behind the scenes stuffs like photos of my work spaces and daily life. I plan to update on Fridays.