Author Picture and Future Bio

Author Picture and Future Bio - image 1 - student project


I wish this was my present biography, but I'm still dreaming and this is okay for now. It was interesting to think about what I would like to be as a published author and I loved every part of the process. Thanks, Ann, for another amazing class!

Future bio:

Denise Ruggieri is a children's book writer and illustrator. She was born and raised in Italy, half-way between the hills and the sea. This influenced her love for natural landscapes and cute animals. Her books depict magical and whimsical worlds where humans and non-humans live in harmony. She went to Art School in her hometown where she picked watercolors and ink as her favorite techniques. She already published A Tale To Kiss Goodnight, Where did you go, Teddy? (Hans Christian Andersen Award), and Half-way From Home. She lives in Italy with her husband and two kids on her favorite hill where she can meet fairies and elves, and find inspiration while looking at the sea in the distance.