Scarlett Olivier

Author with a dry sense of humor



Author Marketing Strategy

Step 1:

Who Am I? 

1.) Laid-back

2.) Straightforward

3.) Dry Humored/ Punny

4.) Inventive


What can I offer?

1.)  Book reviews and summaries in vivid, and colorful language.

2.) Chronicle of my journey to becoming a full-fledged, published author.

3.) Writing tips and tricks on how to circumvent common creative pitfalls.


Merge 'em!

I'm going to start blogging and vlogging once a week, preferably on Tuesdays, with an occasional bonus video for holidays and special occasions. I'll talk about books I've read recently, what I thought about them, and offer advice on how to avoid common issues when it comes to the creative process of writing. I'll use my inventiveness and thought processes to my advantage by showing others how to brainstorm and connect ideas in ways they might not have previously thought about. I'll keep the tone light, somewhat humorous and try to always keep it a dialogue between me and my audience. 


Step 2: 

1.) Who: New adult to adult fantasy/fiction readers and writers.

2.) What: Reviews, where I am in the writing process, and advice.

3.) When: Tuesdays (set), holidays and special occasions (flexible).

4.) Where: Tumblr, Wordpress, Twitter, Youtube.

5.) How: Twitter and Tumblr.







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