Author Ashlynn's Epic Game Plan

Who am I?

Ashlynn, the Great and Powerful! I am funny, determined, passionate, and genuine. I feel passionately about diversity in fiction and have a fair amount of life experience with things such as mental illness. 

What do I have to offer?

Book reviews, diverse writing advice, funny ancedotes about my job, insight into what it's really like living with an eating disorder/mental illness. 

Merge 'em!

I shall review novels about subjects I have first hand experience in. Books about people living with eating disorders, bisexual characters, people with mental illnesses and characters from diverse backgrounds. People will be drawn in by my expertise in the issues and by my dry sense of humor and sarcasm. 

Step 2: Create a content game plan.


Teenagers and young adults as this is the age group I write for. I would also argue my writing appeals more to young women. 


Book reviews and eventually personal blogs about what it means to recover from an eating disorder. 


Youtube would likely be the best place for reviews. 


Every Sunday would be the most realistic goal

How will you spread the word

Tumblr. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Hopefully I'll eventually be able to establish a big enough social media presence to draw in an audience. 


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