Authentic Lentil Soup and Unique Vegetable Sandwich

Authentic Lentil Soup and Unique Vegetable Sandwich - student project

Using the provided recipe, create a soup and sandwich and post the picture for other students to see.  Also let me know how you have enjoyed this.

Lentil Soup Ingredients & Preparation:


Red Onions - 1 & ½ cups - chopped

Garlic - 3 cloves – chopped

Fresh Ginger - 1 Tablespoon - Chopped

Coconut oil - 1 tablespoon

Red Lentils - 2 Cups

Basmati Rice - 2 Tablespoons

Salt & Pepper - To taste

Crushed Chili Peppers - 1 Table spoon

Saffron - Pinch to taste – optional

Chicken Broth - 2 liters – this is optional, you can use water instead.

Coconut Milk or Table cream - ½ cup


  1. Melt the coconut oil on medium to high heat;
  2. Put the chopped onion, garlic and ginger in and sauté till the onion is soft;
  3. Add the washed Red Lentils and Basmati Rice;
  4. Add chicken Broth or water;
  5. Add salt and pepper;
  6. Add crushed Chili peppers;
  7. Bring the heat down to low and let it boil;
  8. Don’t forget to stir the pot every five minutes so to prevent from sticking to the pot;
  9. When the lentils are well cooked and almost falling apart, taste and add salt if needed;
  10. Add the coconut milk or cream and pulverize to get a smooth and creamy consistency;
  11. Remove from heat and serve,

You can decorate this as you desire.  I like to put a little bit of saffron on top and garnish it with herbs.  Some people like it with cinnamon, yogurt or even sour cream on top.  So garnish to your own taste.


Veggie Sandwich Preparation:

  1. Take a couple of romaine lettuce leaves and use it instead of a bun;
  2. Place any vegetables of your choice on it such as:
    1. Onions
    2. Tomatoes
    3. Cucumbers
    4. Avocados
    5. Peppers
    6. Herbs
    7. Salt and pepper
  3. Garnish is with a bit of hemp, flax or olive oil;
  4. Add a bit of balsamic vinegar;

You can add nuts to this if you like as well. 


Bon Appétit!!

EL March
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