Australian weather app

Australian weather app - student project

I started this project wanting to design something that would allow cyclists (or anybody heading outdoors really...) to see if it was going to rain enroute to where they were going as this is a problem I constantly face! 

I've seen a few other submissions of similar ideas on here but in the end I realised the data wasn't localised enough (am I overthinking this?). So, I switched to just thinking about creating an app that just looked nice and functioned well as most of the Australian based apps in the app store are overcomplicated, have way too much data and are fairly boring in the way they present the still does have a bit of a cyclists needs tone to it though! Here are my initial sketches:

'Scuse the poor iPhone photos =)

Australian weather app - image 1 - student project

Initial screen asks user to select their current location to gather data without having to initially add a location.

Australian weather app - image 2 - student project

The home screen has all the data you'd want if you were checking to see what was happening in the outside world currently. This includes:

Date (time is displayed in the Apple chrome so no need to duplicate) Feels like (apparent) temp and actual temp Hi and lo for today Short summary for today plus icon Sunrise and sunset (will I need lights for my ride home tonight?) Location

The centre circle is clickable and takes you to the rain radar interface (haven't sketched this up yet!)
Tap location name to change location  (haven't sketched this up yet!)
Pull up sunrise/sunset to view 5 day forecast

Australian weather app - image 3 - student project

That's it!



I believe it's better to know what it feels like out there rather than what it actually that's represented in my design.

Australian weather app - image 4 - student project    Australian weather app - image 5 - student project   

Australian weather app - image 6 - student project 

Is my forecast a bit too dark? I'm fairly happy with the main screen, which changes colour dependent on the temperature (is that even possible?!?)

I may need to re-think the navigation to the forecast as I already have the centre of the circle being tappable and the location text being tappable which makes for a fairly busy area...maybe swipe left to right instead with an indicator down the bottom? Back to sketching!



My intro screen is simple. Nothing flashy.

Australian weather app - image 7 - student project

So I ended up adding in the actual temp as my boyfriend said it was dumb not to have the actual temperature displayed somewhere, which I guess is true...

I also added a swipe to get to the forecast screen indicated by the small dots at the bottom of the screen above the location.

Australian weather app - image 8 - student project

Australian weather app - image 9 - student project

Australian weather app - image 10 - student project

The radar screen was HARD. Maybe I was overthinking it again. I'm still not completely happy with how it looks but I left it to the last minute and can't seem to come up with any better ideas :( Maybe it's the colour?

The way the radar screen works is that it pulls the loop of 6 stills from the website and cycles through them so you can see the movement of the rain. The dots underneath the radar loop heading show which still is currently active. The time next to it is taken from the timestamp of the image. The controls are to cycle through the images yourself.

Australian weather app - image 11 - student project

Hopefully everything else is self evident now I fixed that getting to-from the forecast screen issue.

Anyway, that's it! I've had a lot of fun doing this project. Whilst I haven't had the time I would have liked to have had to do more work on my project, it's nice to do something a little bit different! Thanks for looking!