Tom Lucey

Graphic Designer



Australian Shiraz

After finishing work early, I found a $12 bottle Shiraz on special at my local liqour store. It was the 2013 Stolen Block from the Clare Valley. This one changed as it received more oxygen.

The colour was a kind of burgundy, purply mix. Upon sniffy sniff, I picked up on maraschino cherry and amaretto. The alcohol content (14.5%) hung around in my nostrils, making me think of very strong cologne. I swashed the wine around in my mouth a while and then swallowed, now tasting chalk and pepper. As the wine had more time to breath the cherry note became more prominent. In all the wine was great for it's price, but if being evalutated critically I'd say the wine was a bit imbalanced with the alcohol too far in front. 

This has been a lot of fun and I can't wait to develop my wine appreciation further!


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