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Australian Dreaming

I have chosen to do my collection all around where I live. Australia. I want to add some of our more popular traits but not get steriotypical and tacky like a lot of Aussie fabric can be. I want it to be sweet, summery (Its autumn here and getting cold, so Im dreaming of hot summer days) and how I see it from where I live and how I grew up and how my kids see it now. Ok and a few things that may seem stereotypcial. But no shrimps on barbies I promise ;)

At the moment Im drawing inspiration from photos and memories and my paragraph that im still musing over. I have some ideas of how I want it to look but not sure how Ill go drawing them, as they are complicated that I usually would draw. 

My inspiration:

Ok Im off to start sketching. See you soon

Ok here is a few of my sketches right out of my sketch book. some ok, some that look really awful and a few i havent even scanned yet. Gosh its terrifying showing sketches!! 
Im still working on my logo. I am not sure I want to call it Australian dreaming or not. But I did make all my animals sleepy. Im trying to make them more child and baby specific. Sweet, dreamy and cute. I had a great idea for them the other morning whilst feeding my daughter at 5am. (I get my best ideas when im half asleep). Better go start drawing and turning these into cute art! ;) 

Still working on my motifs but had to share a photo I took of my backyard. This is from my back window out of my laundry. Now back to illustrator... :) 

I have been colouring motifs and playing around with my pattern for 2 days now. I just started to get it how I am really liking it and as I was going to save (nope, I hadnt saved anything yet, NOTHING) AI has frozen. Internally I am screaming, while my exterior is frozen in horror. Lesson learnt is all I can say. Im off to have a moment, and I guess restart my computer. 

Ok today I have a fresh coffee, and Im back on track. Not set on the colours yet, but wanted to share my pattern so far. I can already see some mistakes. haha yes Im very hard on myself 

Here is another im working on. I am getting odd lines and marks all over it so will sit down later and try work out how. 

My collection page.... Ill probably change things around but this is it. 

Ive also been playing around with mock ups. Oh gosh thats addictive! To see your design on something, ahh that was definately a moment for me!! 

That was seriously way too much fun! 


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