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Emma Jane Shaw

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Australian Christmas Card Design, with Watercolours

My Class Project: Australian Christmas Card Design

I had the idea of making my own Christmas cards this year. Not an uncommon thing to do. However I haven't made homemade cards since I was little. When I came upon this class I knew it was just what I needed. 

For my inspiration I started with the colour green and red as well as what I think an Australian Christmas is like, because that's where I'm from. When I think of Christmas in general (and the internet can confirm this) I think green Christmas trees, snowmen, holly, reindeer etc. Except Australia has none of that (unless you count the plastic kind). What we do have is unique plants and trees that produce bright red flowers at Christmas time during our summer. 

I made my moodboard on Pinterest ( Here are a few images... 




I initially wanted to incorporate a poincianna tree into my Christmas card design, but now I think I am moving more towards Australian flowers and leaves. Below are my sketches. At this point in the project I think I am going to use the poincianna flower, the desert pea, and the acacia. 




I am not well practised with watercolours yet so it took a couple of goes to get images I was happy with. They may be a little more detailed than was recommended in the class. I hope I can come up with a design from them. 



I was unable to complete the project in time to meet the challenge. I have been having problems with my internet and was unable to download Photoshop and Illustrator in time. I also had problems working with Illustrator. I believe my images were too big because the program was very slow and kept freezing. Overall the programs and lessons on how to use them were very interesting and I enjoyed them very much. I have basic photoshop skills but this was my first time with Illustrator. 


I did get to complete one card design just in time to give to my relatives for Christmas. Unfortunely the second design I was working on kept freezing Illustrator. 


I really enjoyed this class and cannot wait to make more card designs in the future!

Thank you Olga for a wonderfully inspiring, fun and educating class!


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