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Austin, Texas

This is what I gathered from old collections of magazines like Popular Science and Newsweek from the 1950s-60s.  My university's library has tons of old magazine editions that are fun to look at.  

These are some resources I found online that are good too.

I decided to choose Austin, TX, mainly focusing on the University of Texas.  The UT Tower is a very well known landmark building in the city.

I've been sketching some ideas for the final composition during class lectures (oops) and there are two that I really liked (below).

Now to start experimenting with these in Illustrator!

I finally got to make some of my designs in Illustrator.  It's my first project in Illustrator so it's taking awhile.  This is what I have so far!

Not quite finished but I think I am making some good progress....

I tinkered with it a little more and finally finished!  Not bad for my first Illustrator project if I do say so myself.


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