Austin Mappiness

Austin Mappiness - student project

I don't know what I want my final map to be yet, but I'm starting with this map of my neighborhood in Austin, TX. I like maps that tell stories, not just marking physical geography but recording experiences as well. Of course, I also like maps that tell me where to find amazing things, from swimming holes to breakfast tacos. Lastly, I'm a little obsessed with pattern and color, so I'm hoping to find a way to incorporate that into my final project.

I'm making this map for fun -- I'd love it if I could create something to hang on my wall. And if I could find a narrative that was interesting to others, I'd love to share with family and friends, particularly those that know and love this town.

One thing I'd love feedback on: the maps I doodle for myself are full of my personal experiences, as is this one. But how interesting is that to someone else? How could I make a narrative of my experiences that would also appeal to others? I'd sure love any thoughts you might have--and I'm looking forward to checking out what this class comes up with!

Austin Mappiness - image 1 - student project